they’ll put you in a box if they can

I went to my first PT session and they did a body fat test (the first I’ve ever done!) to try to figure out my goals since all I could come up with was the fact that I wanted to feel energised. Now I’m not upset with my results by any means because I have always aspired to be average. But I was concerned by the fact that the chart had a few above average boxes they could put you in – body builder, athletic and fit. But below average is obesity. So people who should be going to the gym can be made to feel like they are obese and need to work towards average. They must not have heard about the fact that “average” is actually a much wider range than those charts show. Turns out I am bordering on obese. I at least didn’t mention the fact that I would be having breakfast doughnuts with a chaser of coke and coffee with regular milk. I think my trainer was afraid I might cry so he made some joke about it being a silly test. I suggested that if it was a silly test perhaps they should do something about it.


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