the rooster is red

It happened again. I searched for ” red rooster” and Google Maps tried to take me to Sydney. Monday night is jazz night there. And I could feel my back pressed up against the guitarist because that was how close our table was to the band. Also had the unfortunate pleasure of feeling his sweat as well. Because believe it or not tonight was a very respectable 17 degrees Celsius. Every time the door opened it was a very welcome relief.

The walk there from the 125th St 6 station was not so nice. Have they not heard about the outrage regarding catcalling? Is it perhaps that the people who need to be educated about it are the same people who aren’t getting the message. It’s dark and you have to walk past a group of loitering men and then they think hollering is going to make you stop and chat? Flash them? What kind of reaction do they expect other than to be utterly ignored? Or maybe ignoring them is what they want. In that case they should yell at the wall instead.


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