adding those numbers

I’ve spent the last few days reading Dataclysm by Christian Rudder, cofounder of OkCupid (the online dating website). And here I am finishing off the book as my hair goes from dark brown to red. It’s a really interesting pop science read. He does this test where he collects phrases used to describe yourself and then analyses it by race. His discovery of a large sample set agrees with what I suspected. From my much smaller sample set.

I will point out a few broad trends: white people differentiate themselves mostly by their hair and eyes, Asians by their country of origin, Latinos by their music.

The fact that Asian men feel the need to point out that they are tall for an Asian disturbs me as well. And I’m pretty insensitive, for a girl.

For an interesting read or just a humorous look at online dating I would recommend this book.


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