coffee hunt

What I tell most Americans is that America does not know how to do coffee, chocolate and beer.

After spending the last two years explaining why American coffee tastes like crap I now feel like I need to hunt down the good coffee in Sydney. All the places I tried today were fantastic by American standards but today I did not find the perfect cup.

1. Mecca Espresso – an interesting hole in the wall which is given away by a long line of business people. The feel of the menu and place me of Little Collins, your typical minimalist Australian cafe. Interestingly the menu also lists filtered coffee. The milk was frothed to the perfect temperature but the coffee itself was on the weak side.

2. Petit Espresso – I wish I hadn’t been too full to try the cakes or the raspberry and pear bread from Pasticceria Papa. The coffee was cheap by Sydney standards and the coffee blend had a naturally sweet flavour.

3. The Lab Cafe – You kind of feel like you have to stop when the barista yells out “Bella!” like you’re an old friend. And the red and white striped paper cups are too cute to pass up.


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