dream job


When I was asked what my dream job was almost 7 years ago I said that I would want to be a good/hotel critic. The idea would be to travel around the world and get paid for my opinions. I haven’t done anything about achieving this dream because in my mind it’s a fantasy kind of dream not a goal kind of dream. If I was serious about it I would probably have studied communications or arts. Instead I’m quite content to not actually achieve this dream.

While I definitely enjoyed my experience with Airbnb the luxury of staying in a hotel like citizenM is well worth the extra dollars and the aggravation of exiting out into Times Square. This hotel chain has created a very modern atmosphere where guests self check-in and everything in the room can be controlled with a tablet. The ability to control the blinds and change the “mood lighting” or artwork with a touch screen feels pretty close to a sci-fi movie. The design is both modern (sleek and almost minimalist) and pop art. This is definitely a hotel I would stay at again.


Come inside


Check yourself in


Enjoy your city view


Channel surfing just isn't the same

Beautiful morning
That turns into a
Beautiful evening
And together make
Beautiful life


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