home is what you make of it

Went to Red Rooster for dinner tonight. For me Red Rooster stands for the fast food chain that is barely a chain anymore and has these delicious deep fried pineapples. My big sister was obsessed with these and every now and then we’d be in the mood for it and we’d have to drive for 20 minutes to get to the nearest one. Red Rooster in Harlem is very different. The food was really good though. I had the Spicy Chicken, which I thought could have been spicier. Jalapenos are on the low end of spicy so it annoys me that anything with a jalapeno is classified as “spicy”. There’s American spicy and then there is Asian spicy, and one of them sucks. But otherwise I thought it was a really interesting menu, of which I would happily go back for. Just not when I’m craving spicy food.

I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold.


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