you never forget the first time


The first time I visited NY I stayed in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in a “hotel” about 40 minutes away from Midtown. It had bed bugs and thin walls through which we could hear the neighbors having sex. The purpose at the time was to get a feel for the city and decide if it was possible to make the move here. I remember walking through Sunnyside, Queens with my relocation expert. I remember noticing the wide footpaths, the wide range of ethnicities and the front lawns. But in the end I decided this was not the place I wanted to actually live, probably due to my idealised version of living in NY revolving around living in Manhattan.

Today I moved on from the East Village all the way to Sunnyside. I have not been doing much since being back in terms of exploring the city since I may very well be staying longer than expected and I also decided that even if I don’t stay longer that there weren’t that many things left on my to-do list. This is why I decided to move out to Queens to find some space to think about my options without being judged by my host. Not that I felt my last Airbnb host judged me, more that I judged myself for being lazy and wanting to sleep in or read a book.



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