never have I ever eaten pudding

The purpose of this game is to force others to drink, not yourself. But this is the kind of inane drinking game where people try to sound cooler than they actually are by boasting about conquests. For example the dweeby guy in the trek who could have said “never have I ever had sex” and no one would have batted an eyelash chose to say “never have I ever had hot wax dripped onto my genitals” and then was the only person to take a shot. Right…

“Never Have I Ever” also happens to be the title of the book that I am reading. I hope the book gets better because I have read up until the part where she goes to college and I think she is a complete retard and it therefore does not surprise me she has not had a boyfriend. But I did then go and Facebook stalk my first ever crush to see how he turned out, which makes me as retarded as the author. He looks the same, still seems as witty as he was back then and he is married. Not that he looked like the type to become fat and bald, but it would have been funny if he was.

Puddin’ is a cute little store that serves pudding in the East Village. For dessert I tried the Caramel Macchiato which tasted more like a Mocha than anything and was a lot more runny than I expected from a pudding. It was an okay dessert but did not leave me with a desire to go back for more.


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