just thinking

When I was in Vegas I contemplated getting a tattoo, to the point where I had it narrowed down to two possible options. And then I thought about the pain. Funnily enough it wasn’t until we got back to LA that I found out that someone had gotten a tattoo on Vegas. Then part of me wished that I had been able to go through with it. I have been thinking that before I leave NY that I would like to get one done. Not sure how much liquid courage I will need in order for it to actually happen.

Another quiet day in NY because I have not readjusted yet to the fact that I might be staying. I don’t need to be the tourist I had the intention of being. I had planned to go see more Broadway shows, visit the 9/11 museum and watch the sunset from Roosevelt Island. Instead I am sleeping late, shopping and visiting places that I have already been. But truth is I don’t know if I’m definitely staying and for how long. The last time around I made the most of my time here as possible but now I’m finding I’m lacking the same motivation.


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