seeking refuge in the known

Back in NYC, but this time I’m staying in the East village in a 1 bedroom apartment I found on Airbnb. I’ve wandered through this neighborhood before but I definitely never wandered around there very often. And instead of exploring it today I went back to the neighborhood of my old apartment, an area I know very well and got some chicken on rice from the Halal Guys and a mani and pedi from Bloomies before getting a bowl of pho from Cha Pa’s. The area around Columbus Circle was my home turf leading down into Times Square. I think after 5 weeks away I just needed to remember what used to be. But I know I can’t hang onto those memories because it’s not home anymore and I need to move on.

If I decide to stay in NY then I also need to decide which neighborhood I will pick. I think I will stick with Manhattan, but that still leaves a lot of options. And there is a part of me that wonders if I am better off with what I already know or if I’m better off taking the leap and diving into the unknown.


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