one way or another

I had a really lazy morning taking a long shower and watching the Food Network before heading out to get “breakfast” at Grand Central Market. They have some really cool food vendors so I was glad that I managed to make it there. On the website the vendor that initially caught my attention was the Thai place with the sticky rice, a cusine I have not had in about 4 weeks. Unfortunately some of the vendors do not open until 11 am when my taxi would arrive to take me to the airport so I had to find vendors that were open before then.


Chicken BBQ and Pulled Lamb Belly @ Belcampo Meat Co.

From Belcampo Meat Co. I decided to try the chicken BBQ slider which was your typical BBQ so I wasn’t particularly wowed and the pulled lamb belly slider which was a little too salty and dry for my taste.


The Slut @ Eggslut

From Eggslut how could I pass on a dish called The Slut? The Slut is an egg and potato puree in a jar served with some crostini. You eat it by mixing it up and then eating it on the crostini. This dish was perfectly salted and tasty. This is a place I would visit again to try the rest of the menu.


Cheese Plate @ Dtla Cheese

Since South America I have not appreciated cheese the same way, but the ice cream shop I wanted to visit for dessert was not open until 11 am. Have they not heard of breakfast ice cream? So for dessert I got the cheese plate – brie, gruyere, cheddar and fig jam from Dtla Cheese. The gruyere was really nice, the other cheeses were okay but not sensational. I was really impressed by the fig jam since I don’t usually like jam that much but I found it was not as overly sweet as jam normally is.

And what would breakfast be without coffee? I got a decent coffee from G & B Coffee before the taxi arrived and whisked me off.

Now I’m in a strangers apartment in NY. Spending the night and contemplating my next moves. All of my boxes have arrived in Sydney, they are just waiting for me to start my new life there or in London. But now I have a job waiting for me here in NY and I don’t know if I can get out of the holiday mindset when my duffle bag has hiking clothes which do not make up an appropriate work outfit and I’m lying in a strangers’ bed because I have already packed up my life here. I don’t know anymore what it is that I want.


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