loop vs. round-trip

Everyone prefers the loop because you never see the same thing twice and you walk a completely different path. The benefit of the round-trip is that you never have to look behind you because you get to see the same view from a different perspective.

Today is the end of my loop and now I’m back in LA. It has been over 5 weeks since I set off on my camping adventure when my previous experience with “camping” involved a few days away from school in a cabin about 3 hours away from the center of Sydney. Now I know how to pick a decent spot to set up a tent, set up a gas stove, chop firewood and cook a meal over a fire. I have slid down mountains on the snow, climbed down into the canyons, walked on icebergs, crossed paths with a bear, ridden a horse on a ranch, been to a barn party and a rodeo. I was blown away by the beauty of the Pacific Coast, and I’m not even a beach girl. I would gladly redo the hike at Mt Rainier and Glacier NP. And I have plans to go back to Zion. For anyone looking for a “glamping” trip that is organised to be safe and fun then I would definitely recommend Trek America. Sure the guide can make or break the trip but like with the rest of life if to don’t roll the dice then to get no reward.

Los Angeles is definitely low on the list of cities that I have any desire to go back to visit by tonight I discovered a gem in The Last Bookstore, an indie bookshop with really cool designs, a lot of books, a $1 bargain section and a poetry reading. It was my really cool Monday night.


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