sometimes the dreams you come in with are not the ones you leave with

This morning we were going to attempt to go to The Narrows but we have had rain most days since we arrived in Rocky Mountain National Park and because of the fear of flash flooding we decided not to risk it and did Watchmen Trail instead. It was not a very strenuous 2 hour hike which gave us a view of the surrounding mountains.

We then headed back down to Cafe Soleil where I had a Southwest Breakfast Scramble for brunch. It was a really decent breakfast and was really close to the visitor center. The entire time we hiked and ate there was a steady drizzle. So we were forced to pack up our tents for the last time this trek while they were still wet before heading off to Las Vegas, the city of sin and debauchery.

For the night the group had plans to go on The Party Bus but I was not in the mood and I was rooming with an underage girl so we went to Rock of Ages at The Venetian and just wandered along The Strip. By the time we got out of the show the rain had followed us from Zion and we were completely drenched. We decided to head back to Freemont Street with plans to eat at Heart Attack Grill, who can pass a Double Bypass Burger? But by the time we got there it was closed and there weren’t too many options so we had a Coney Island hotdog for dinner before heading back to our hotel, The Golden Nugget. This hotel was actually really nice even though it was not on The Strip. It even had a shark tank with a water slide that went right through it which was kind of amusing. They need to fix the light or make it bigger because when you are in there you can’t actually see the sharks. I played the slot machine for about 15 minutes and won $23 so I called it a night and ended up watching some chick flicks on cable while repacking my stuff. I called it a really great night.





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