a refuge

Since last year there have been three destinations on the list of places I want to visit in USA: Bryce Canyon, Zion and Moab. I am not able to tick all of these off but I can tick off Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion.

I had thought that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to do it since I’m not all that confident about heights and in order to get up there you need to drag up by some chains and walk along where there are some sheer drops but it was not as narrow as I thought it would be and I maintained my three points of contact while climbing so I felt quite safe.

On my way up I ran into some interesting people. I walked with John a programmer who works for the education board so we spoke about education and strange spelling of names. He had done Angel’s Landing 37 years ago but this time he did not make it to the end. Towards the end I ran into Steve who was afraid of heights and did not want to continue and his friend Alex who was trying to convince him to go on. In the end he said I could do him a favour by walking in front of him to distract him. Turns out they were both Australians traveling around the US for the next 3 months. We spoke about coffee and the US in an effort to distract Steve from the sheer drops and me from the fact that they had amazing bodies and I have been surrounded by some pretty lame male eye candy in the last 5 weeks.


Steve and Alex @ Angel's Landing

The problem is that sometimes I tick one thing off the list just to add another. And what I’ve added to the list is a desire to come back and do the canyoning in The Narrows at Zion.


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