what a big bend you have there

Goodbye Grand Canyon! We were able to start late so our guide made us a hot breakfast with eggs and sausages. This was nowhere near as impressive as the pancakes I got on the last trek.

We went out to Lake Powell to view Horseshoe Bend, a half hour round-trip from the parking lot. It was about 38 degrees out there but the view was worth it.


On our way there we had been told that we were going to stop at Wal-Mart and buy ourselves a funny outfit for a barn party because one of the tour leaders was having a party. So that was when the shit got weird.

We started the night playing drinking games. I learned this game called King’s Cup and depending on the card you drew you had to play a different game or drink. For example if you drew a 4 then all the chicks had to drink or if you drew an 8 then you would play Never Ever. Then there may have been a game of Dirty Jenga which included things like “mime your favourite sex position” or “lick all the British Ears”. Did I mention that the shit got weird? One of the things on the game was “give the person on your right a wedgie” and the girl was wearing a g-string and it was yanked so hard it ripped and she spent the night with it hanging out of her pants. She was pretty classy. I have never understood the need to drink to the point where you are that completely trashed, and the older I get the less I understand it.


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