not quite the bottom but i’ll take it

We woke up before the sun rose and headed to Bright Angel Trailhead at about 5:30 am where I started off slowly at first before going “fuck it” and running down, past 1.5 mile and 3 mile rest stops and Indian Garden rest stop before heading over to Plateau Point. The draw of this hike for me was the fact they had water and restrooms at each of the stops. So the plan was to carry 1 litre of water down and go as fast as possible and then take my time heading back up carrying more water, stopping for photos etc.

At Plateau Point I had this view all to myself before having to share it with Frank from California who was visiting the Canyon and doing his first ever hike. The Plateau Point Trail is really exposed and flat, so I wanted to head back as soon as possible to get out of the Canyon before it got too hot. So I said goodbye to Frank and headed back to Indian Garden.


When I made it back to Indian Garden I took a longer break in the shade and started chatting with Paul who was originally from Bosnia but who is now living in Chicago working as a computer geek. Turns out Paul had been camping down at the bottom of the Canyon and was now climbing back out. He said as he was walking back up he saw stuff that people had taken out of their backpacks and abandoned because it was weighing them down. After eating the best jerky I’ve had in America, chilli and garlic jerky by Krave, hydrating and sunscreen replacement I headed off again. I made pretty good time trekking up to the 3 mile rest stop but it was tough getting to 1.5 mile. Probably because it was mostly exposed, it was also along this section that I ran into a baby bobcat. The last mile really sucked though because people were coming down and looking really fresh and I was going up looking tired and sweating. In the end I made it out of the Canyon by 9:45 am.



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