got oxygen?

While in Telluride it was the first time I had seen that you could buy oxygen in a little can. Kind of like a little a power shot which says “zero calories” on it in case anyone has concerns about the number of calories they were consuming through the act of breathing. This morning we got to sleep in so I went into town to get waffles at Steaming Bean. Can you imagine the luxury of waffles and a latte for breakfast? The decor was really kitschy with it’s recycled furniture.


The breakfast was a good boost for our long drive into Monument Valley where we drove along the road which was the backdrop of Forrest Gump’s epic run. Along the way we could see the storm clouds following us.

Monument Valley is not a designated National Park since it is owned by the Navajo Nation, so there are no passport stamps here [edit: they do actually exist.]. What you will collect is a good flexing of your imagination as you pass by mesas, buttes and spirals that look like profiles of Alfred Hitchcock and George Washington, elephants, dancers and even Frankenstein. From the visitor center we took our jeep through the valley to see these amazing monuments before landing at our campground in the middle of the desert. While watching the Navajo dances we got quite a bit of rain which forced us to seek shelter and we really thought we would be sleeping in our went tents tonight. Instead the clouds passed over and we were able to sleep under a blanket of stars. The stars kept me awake because I couldn’t stop staring at them and wishing I had my star map app.

Our guide told us the story of how the stars came to be. The story is that a girl went into a cave and there she found these shiny stones. She meets a boy and she asks him to help her being all these stones out of the cave. Then she goes home and starts weaving a rug. In the middle of the night she sees and owl and asks him to help her by calling all the animals to come and meet her in 4 nights. On the 4th night as the animals arrived she was stopped weaving and lay down this rug and then doing this they’re laughing which attracts a coyote. The coyote wants to play as well but the animals send him away and continue making shapes and laughing. the coyote thinks they’re making fun of him so he pushes them aside and pulls the rug and throws all the stones into the sky where they sparkle as stars.


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