there’s a bear in there

So for the last two weeks we have been “discussing” whether or not to stay in a condo in Telluride, Colorado. We had the choice of a campground or a condo where not everyone would get a bed for an extra $25 a night. The fact that no one could make a decision drove me insane. In the end the campground won out.

Telluride is a great little ski resort town but there is not a whole lot to do in Telluride unless you enjoy skiing/snowboarding and are in the middle of winter. Which has worked out okay for me because that means that I got to eat and drink coffee.

I had an Ahi Tuna Burger from Smak in the Mountain Village surrounded by ski resorts. So good to have fresh fish after eating out of coolers for the last few weeks! The Mountain Village was really deserted but there was plenty of outdoor gear to be bought.

After a failed attempt to hike up to Bridal Veil Falls I felt I deserved a latte at the Coffee Cowboy cart; the best coffee I have had this trek.

Then before heading to the Fly Me To The Moon Saloon I lined my stomach with a Lobster Udon with Pork Belly and a Fried Banana dessert from Honga’s Lotus Pearl.

Other than eating there was a lot of weird stuff to see in this town. Such as the building which was once a bank robbed by Butch Cassidy, which is now a hippie shop and it has a “free box” outside where you can take and give random junk. There is Pip’s Fine and Funky Thrift Shop which was more funk than fine. The Village Market is actually the name for the grocery store. Popcorn Alley was the name for the row of cute Victorian houses. Mine will be the turquoise one once I raise some extra money.


Telluride Campground may also be the only one in bear country without bear proof bins which is why in the parking lot about 15 metres away from my tent a black bear is currently having dinner. And today we saw a lot of rain. So the condo and floor is probably looking like a real treat right about now.


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