only hate the road when you’re missing home

My new hobby is RV watching. Like people watching I could spend all day doing it. At all these campgrounds I have seen some strange stuff. Some of them have flat screen televisions and microwaves. Which was kind of funny because on our last trek Ma “accidentally” bought microwaveable popcorn which we all had a good laugh about. Then there are some RVs which have their own lawn complete with faux grass and garden gnomes. All the essentials for glamping.


RV @ Ouray KOA

We are over halfway through our trek and I think it’s time to reevaluate my snap judgments about the people that I am trekking with. I think I was spot on with all of my judgments except for maybe An who turns out to be a complete drunk and not that quiet, same with Th. There is some drama because An hates I, who is off her rocker, which surprises me because Cl is even more annoying to me. Cl and P have a lot of tension going on. Cl wants things her way and P is trying to do his job as guide but he kind of sucks at it. She routinely reminds him that he sucks and he gets defensive. I am waiting until they kill each other to solve both of my problems. And L is actually more mature than I thought. Al reminds me a lot of a guy I worked with, real quiet and nice but always up for a party and perhaps kind of a badass when drunk.

Another long drive through Colorado. These drives feel longer than my last trek. Is it because everyone sleeps on the van because they are too hungover, boring or bored? At least we stopped for lunch to see the Collegiate Peaks, some mountains named after famous colleges, and a view of Ridgway State Park.


Collegiate Peaks


Ridgeway Reservoir


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