higher than yesterday

Today we climbed Hallett Peak which is on the continental divide and gives you an awesome panorama of the Rocky Mountains. In order to get there we first had to climb Flattop Mountain and then when you think you can’t go on you keep on ascending. On the trail I managed to photograph a lot of marmots and pikas (real animals I couldn’t get on my phone camera).


Marmot @ Hallett Peak

On the way down there was some rain and hail. I ran down so I made it out before the rain. It wasn’t the nicest trail to run on but the view was worth it. I am sick of the rain when I can’t lie in bed so I’m glad we’re now headed to the southwestern parks.

In order to avoid the rain we might have hung out in the laundry just gossiping. L and Al put their shoes in the dryer because they had gotten caught in the hail but somehow the dryer opened so their shoes were still wet. This bought about the laundry party, because L decided to sit there and wait to see who was opening up the dryer. Turned out the shoes were so heavy they pushed open the door.


Laundry party!


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