rocky mountain high

We made it to the Rocky Mountains today where the weather is kind of grey and we got some more rain. I expect there will be more of it tomorrow which will make hiking a lot of fun. Today we just did a short nature trail, Hidden Valley Trail, and dropped by some visitor centers. In order to get around we drove along Trail Ridge Road which is the highest continuous paved road in the world.

Now that we are halfway through our trek I am ready to go home now. Wherever home may be. It’s not the bed, the food or the wardrobe that I miss. It’s really the freedom and the solitude that I miss.

While I don’t feel like I have become desensitized to these amazing landscapes I’m not sure that this is the most amazing of the landscapes that I have been to and I don’t know if emotionally I have hit a low or if this landscape for me is a low.



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