walk this way

I have expressed my distaste with the tipping system over and over again because I find it incredibly offensive when people in the service industry make the assumption that they should be tipped even though they have not done a good job. I find it abhorrent that the government has not changed the minimum wage but I think it’s rude to demand tips the way my guide keeps insinuating I should tip him whennwe haven’t even reached halfway through the trip yet. I am trying to find some redeeming qualities about my guide and nothing comes up.

Long day on the road passing from Montana into Colorado where we have stopped in the town of Steamboat. We took the free bus downtown from our campground which was a quick ride and we did a little bit of shopping – window shopping for cowboy boots and hats etc. There are some hot springs there and I think the town is known for it’s snowboarding. I imagine it would be a really cool town to go to for the ski season but I don’t think I’m confident enough on the slopes to go on my own.

It was a fairly uneventful drive today except for when we stopped at the “Welcome to Colorado” sign where we found a rotting animal corpse. Also we found out that the missing hiker from Grand Tetons was found dead at the base of the cliff off Inspiration Point where we were just 2 days ago. So I guess it was kind of a morbid day.



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