the aftermath

Last night we went into Jackson and had a few drinks. Fortunately I did not wake up to the sounds of throwing up this time. Nor did I have to wake up for a telephone interview. Instead we all got to sleep in and I spent a few hours of alone time sitting in the shade with my coffee and WiFi access. It was a nice little break from everything in preparation for some whitewater rafting along Snake River.


There were 11 of us on the raft and I’m still wondering if I have developed “camp goggles” as Ge so affectionately called them or if the rafting guide was actually really hot. We got some paddling in and I even went for a swim in the water just floating down the river. Then for one of the rapids, Two Ropes, I rode up the front. The water was really cold but I was not stupid enough to wear a cotton t-shirt when I jumped in the water.

Then we went to the Teton County Rodeo which was pretty good since for $15 there was a lot of entertainment – the cowboys, rodeo princesses, audience members,  etc. It was a real culture shock to me which is perhaps why I enjoyed it so much. I was a little horrified that there were 6 year olds riding these miniature bulls and sheep. There was one even that made me question my feelings about the way we treat animals. It was called the “tie down” where the cowboy lassos the calf, jumps off his horse and trusses up the calf and the calf need a to stay tied up for 6 seconds.


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