getting a little close there

Last night our stay in the ranch included a hot shower and a bed. Small pleasures. Today my butt is definitely feeling quite tender from my horse ride.

K: Is anyone sore?
T: No, but my butt is.
Me: Then the answer is yes, you are sore.

So after a short ride we made it to Yellowstone National Park where we stopped for a quick swim in the Boiling River which happens to be near where the line between Montana and Wyoming lies. The river was really nice with a hot spring flowing into a cold river so I found the perfect spot where I was able to mix the cold and hot water to make warm water.


After this we ended up doing another hike at the Mammoth Hot Springs which flows into the Boiling River. This led to a really late lunch which made us all really hangry that we were not able to appreciate all the thermal pools. I can’t believe that someone in my group was stupid enough to ask me if I had touched the pools.

We arrived at our campground to find we were sharing them with quite a few bison which made for an interesting afternoon and made for a convenient excuse for escaping cooking duties. The bison were so slow and they have this drugged look that I forgot about how scared I should be of them. So I am pretty sure we ignored all the warnings about staying at least 25 yards away from the wildlife.


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