ranch stay

Spending the night at Iron Wheel Ranch in Whitehall, Montana. And it is kind of what I imagine a ranch to look like. A little bit tacky with handicrafts around the place and then some dead animals. I am sharing the roof tonight with at least 2 bears, 1 bison, 2 caribou and several other game that have now blended into one. The ranch owner even showed us his workshop where he does his own taxidermy and there were a lot of animals in there.

As I lay on the bed I am appreciating just how quiet it is since I last night was so windy the tent kept slapping against my head and I seriously thought my tent would fly away with me in it in a very Wizard of Oz moment. I am also appreciating how bruised my butt feels from sitting on the back of a horse. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the landscape of Montana. It wasn’t what I expected but I was really thrilled to be there. And my mare, Three, was an absolute sweetheart and she was so obedient with a love of purple flowers. Her boyfriend, Ben, was right behind us and he just wanted to eat.



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