danger is my middle name

Today was a free day and we got to choose our hike. The two sisters and the fiance did the Cracker Lake Trail and the rest of us did the Iceberg Lake Trail.

Walking to Iceberg Lake was kind of uneventful, beautiful scenery as always and plenty of stopping for photos etc. At the lake we stopped for lunch and stood on some icebergs. Now that I think about it, I think I have contributed to their destruction and that makes me sad. But I am glad my toes made it off the Iceberg intact and as of the time of writing this I have not died of hypothermia.

After the lake it was all downhill, literally. And my emotions about my fellow hikers also went downhill. But the highlight was spotting two bears. From my research on the internet, the dished profile and shoulder hump make me think they were Grizzly bears. But I’m no bear expert. They were about 4-6 metres away from the trail and I did not get mauled.


After the hike, a 9.6 miles round-trip we did the Swiftcurrent Lake boat ride which took us to Lake Josephine where we were able to see a Mama bear and to cubs chasing some hikers along the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail. Which was kind of funny, except if they had been mauled.


On our ride out of the park we saw 2 more bears right near the road. So in total I saw 7 bears today and lived to tell the tale.


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