round two

Started off with a new group and this time it’s kind of an Aussie invasion.

* C and K are sisters from Brisbane, S and K are engaged. They stick together mostly, but they’re nice enough.
* D is from Central QLD and he sounds bogan as.
* Ta is a cop from NT and she is probably the one I get along with the best so far. Definitely not a whinger. She came with a friend An, who is also a cop and he’s very straightforward kind of person but doesn’t say much.
* K is a Kiwi and she is an odd duck. I don’t think we get along very well.
* Al is a Southern Brit and he seems pretty quiet.
* Th is a Northern Brit and he’s a little less quiet but perhaps a little awkward.
* C is very strange, she does not eat raw vegetables and she is bossy as hell. I will avoid her if possible. Luckily she is neither in my team or tent.
* L is a German au pair who I am sharing a tent with. She is young and reminds me of how far I have come.
* I is a French teacher and she is really nice but a little off her rocker. She didn’t like a girl on her last tour and used her Tinder account to fool some guy. Poor guy!
* P is our fearless leader and he is so mellow in comparison to B.

In general we are a very mellow bunch. We were supposed to go to Mt Rainier again but our driver got lost so we ended up starting later. This meant that people did not get to do the Skyline Trail, which I had already done so I didn’t mind too much. We did a trail that took us past some really cool waterfalls and then back into setting up tent etc. The trail wasn’t that exciting until we got to the end and then I got a different view of Mt Rainier. The view was also about 5 minutes from our campsite.


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