sleepless in seattle

I went to bed for the first time in the last 2 weeks without any plans for the next day and without an alarm and I end up waking up at 6:30 in the morning. What a cruel joke! 2 weeks on tour has clearly broken me.

This morning I went and did some shopping in the Downtown area since none of the clothes I had were interview ready. Heck, half of them aren’t even clean. Then I wandered over to Pike Place with Ge who has become my traveling and food buddy – we bonded over Thai noodles. We went to Beecher’s and got their World Famous Mac and Cheese and felt that they lied since it was actually penne and not macaroni. And then I stopped by Uli’s again for their sausage and baguette. I would have liked to do a food tour in Seattle but I just did not have the time.

I did not know this about Seattle on my last trip so I was really happy I got a chance to do a tour, Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, of it this time, but Seattle has an underground city which is basically a lot of rubble now but apparently a couple tied the knot down there and there is plenty of air conditioning. It really gave a lot of history on the City of Seattle which was really nice.


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