batter up!

Took down the tent and rolled up the sleeping bag for this leg of the trip. I’m looking forward to a few days of rest before heading back on the road.

It is really nice when our trek guide makes us pancake breakfast. Our guide was not really my type since he was kind of a hippie who did not believe in sunscreen or taking showers. But there is something incredibly hot about a guy who can make pancakes.


Last day in the van was spent driving to Bainbridge Island where we caught a ferry over the Puget Sound to get to Seattle. It was a real Grey’s Anatomy moment where I looked up at the second level of the ferry to see if McDreamy was up there.

My first lunch in Seattle was not going to be sandwiches so we went off and got sushi at Nijo. It is so nice after so many camp meals to finally get something so fresh and not bought from Wal-Mart. I’m going to have to think about some more interesting lunch options. Because that is the meal I struggled with the most, perhaps because for the last 6 years I have been fed mostly hot lunches. Hard to break out of the habit.

After checking into my Spectacular Hotel Room at the W Hotel (this is what they actually called it, and it was pretty spectacular) I then went for coffee, a massage and a haircut. I was literally in heaven. Felt really nice to have someone else fuss over me for a good few hours and to chat about my trip with some strangers.

Last night with the gang was spent at the baseball because our guide is a fan and wanted to educate us on the game I guess. Game was as lame as I expected. To me majority of the people watching the sport aren’t passionate or invested in the game. I don’t feel any tension in the air or the rush of excitement. Watch a game of basketball, soccer or tennis and I feel the crowd humming with excitement and nervous energy. For me, that is what makes other sports so much greater than baseball. So we spent the night taking selfies and gossiping instead of watching the game. I hope my next group is at least half as fun as this group was.


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