the point of no return

Last night we played the game “Apples for Apples” and we all had to place down a card that described the adjective virtuous and it came down to “cleaning the dishes” and “Oscar Schindler” (who rescued Jews from Nazis) and when the dishes won we all cracked up laughing and the person who chose it got quite annoyed that we made her feel so bad.

Since then it’s been a lot of tension. I had already placed my bag in the front seat and another girl has come and decided that would be her seat. She’s also been a bitch about the WiFi, the fact that there will be no running water at the next campsite, the food, tipping and the music being loud. So glad I won’t have to spend the next 2 weeks with her. Who peels a banana and then chucks it on the table when they find it bruised? Eat it or throw it in the bin! Why go on a trip like this is if comfort is going to be such a big deal?

This trip has more girls than guys so you can guess that there are definitely a lot of hormones going into it. Never a good idea to have such a gender gap.

After all that drama we are now in Olympic National Park, which contains the only rainforest in the “lower 48 states”. It is really beautiful with all the moss and ferns. This is based on the 0.5 mile hike, Hall of Mosses. We are staying at a campground called Sol Duc which does not have running water, but it will have pit toilets which isn’t too bad. Kind of like pissing in a bush except it smells worse and there is no grass.

The most hilarious stop of the day was when we stopped at Forks, the setting for Twillight. We stopped by the “floral shop” which has all this Twilight paraphernalia. And there is a tour that will show you the parking lot where Edward saves Bella and where Dr Cullen worked. Small town America, gotta love it.


What a better way to spend the day the day then to lose yourself in the beauty of some moss and some Twilight?


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