where young people go to retire

I’ve wanted to visit Portland, Oregon for a while now and today we visited Voodoo Doughnuts where in total we got 30 doughnuts. I had a Maple Bacon Bar, Cinnamon, Berry Blast and Old Dirty Bastard (crushed Oreos and peanut butter). Kind of went into a sugar coma after all those doughnuts.


Today was just a short hike, but the most amazing view we got of Mount St Helens was the view we got sitting inside their short movie which was “footage” of the last explosion. But at the end of the movie the screen went up and the curtain pulled away to give us a view of the mountain. The hike was kind of short and nothing spectacular.


We spent the night sitting around the campfire eating leftover doughnuts and going through our porn names, here are the ones I could remember:
– Roger St Christopher
– Lucky Stein
– Boom Kensington
– Lucky Livingstone
– Mitsy Something


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