my, that is a large tree you have there

Today we went for an 11.5 mile hike through pretty flat terrain starting with Miners Ridge Trail and ending with James Muir Trail including a hike through Fern Canyon, which was used in the filming of Jurassic Park. It all feels like it could have  all been filmed in Jurassic Park with all the gigantic, toppled over trees. Truly a surreal kind of place.


We ended the day with an ATV ride with the campsite owner Ray, who has this photo of a “bear demon” and claims to have seen Big Foot. When he drove us around we did get to see a bear which was pretty amazing, even if it was also the one time when I couldn’t be bothered to drag my telephoto lens with me. This is what I get for being lazy! It was pretty cool just to ride through and view one of the most amazing sunsets.


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