i ❤ sf

Today we got a free day to explore the city. Since I have been here before and since it’s not my favourite city that I know back to front so I was not entirely sure what I was going to spend the day doing.

In the end I started the day with coffee at Sightglass Coffee, this really hipster-like coffee roaster haven. The latte was on the weak side but the coffee tasted really good and I just loved how “cool” it looked.


Then went to Haight-Ashbury for more coffee at Flywheel Coffee, perhaps it was the lack of good coffee in the last few days? Just wait until I get to Seattle. From there I went for a walk in Golden Gate Park, which is larger than Central Park, but has less character other than the shady peeps smoking weed. We walked over to the sad looking Rose Garden before heading to Amoeba Records to see all the audiophiles in their natural habitat.


The highlight of my day was definitely visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio District. Turns out this area was used as army barracks which explains why all the street signs were named after people and then there was a short description of the person’s title and their birth and death dates. This museum was really interesting and made me want to read the Walt Disney autobiography.


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