i could stay here longer

We finally got to do a hike in Yosemite. I was really looking forward to doing this hike – the Panorama Trail. The hike started at Glacier Point and went for 8.5 miles and from the trail we saw views of Illiloutte Falls, Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, Yosemite Falls and Half Dome. We started early and left the campsite at about 6:00am so we beat most of the heat and the crowds.

The views were just so spectacular. I really wanted to do the trail twice – once with my camera taking photos and the second time I just wanted to run free. The trail would have been perfect for running except for one section where it was quite technical. If I had been doing the hike on my own I would have powered all the way down and then eaten my lunch at the bottom or Emerald Pool just snacking along the way while I walked, because I could have comfortably done this hike in less than 4 hours and still meandered around taking photos but in the end we took over 5 hours. Vernal Falls was really impressive, even saw a double rainbow and some misting as we walked along the Mist Trail.

There is a passport you can buy and then collect a whole bunch of stamps from national parks, which I did not know existed until now. Which is kind of a bummer given that I have been to a few national parks.


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