the night before…

Flew into LA for the night because I wasn’t keen on getting there early knowing that is where the first camping tour will start off. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Redwoods and Yosemite. And it will be interesting to see if I last 14 days without going insane.


Pacific Coast - 14 days

In anticipation to the fact that I will be eating sandwiches and camping food for the next 2 weeks I have been eating pretty much all my favourite foods. Tonight I went to Perch, a rooftop bar that has a view of Los Angeles downtown. The food was fantastic. The pork belly was probably a little disappointing since I liked the salad of apples and chillies more than I liked the pork belly. The rabbit ravioli had that gamey taste that I look for in rabbit. And because it is a bar, when I left I noticed there was a huge line out the front. This is the city that makes me feel underdressed with it’s rising hemlines.


Pork Belly @ Perch


Little Bunny @ Perch


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