moving on by

I feel like it’s my last day all over again. Last time I was leaving to go to South America and I had to say goodbye to my apartment and to my way of life. And today I had to say goodbye to the friends that I will not see when I get back to New York next. And somehow that is a lot sadder than leaving.


Empire State Building from Madison Square Park

When I did the subway tour a few months ago it was the first time I heard about the zoetrope that can be seen on the Q train that goes from Dekalb Ave to Canal Street and I had wanted to go and see it for so long, but I did not manage to do it until today. Turns out not that many New Yorkers know about this, so if you’re ever in town and want to see something cool I would definitely recommend it because after you leave the tunnel you are also on Manhattan bridge and you get to see the view of both Brooklyn and Manhattan.


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