do one thing a day that scares you

This is one of the Lululemon mantras. I kind of find it confusing since getting into a cab with a serial killer scares me, but I’m not sure telling me to do it sounds like good advice. So maybe they should consider putting a disclaimer on this quote. I try to do something new each day just so that I have a story to tell.

Sprinkles is from LA but it is my favourite cupcake store in NYC. Recently they’ve introduced the cupcake ATM which allows you to purchase cupcakes after hours and the ice cream shop. A few days I got a cupcake from the ATM and today I tried the Cap’n Crunch ice cream with a Red Velvet waffle cone. The ice cream was delicious, sweeter than the cereal sundae at Momofuku Milk Bar. Afterwards I wished I had gone for a Sprinkles Shake – scoop of ice cream and the top of a cupcake. But when there is a big menu I freak out and just pick whatever.


Cereal Sundae @ Momofuku Milk Bar


View of the menu @ Momofuku Milk Bar


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