empty chairs at empty tables

Red is the colour of desire.
Black is the colour of despair.

Since I have been in NY I have wanted to dress up like Audrey Hepburn and visit Tiffany & Co. and enjoy a croissant and horrible coffee. And today I can cross that off my bucket list. It was a lot of fun, and we definitely attracted a lot of attention, especially when we went inside the store. I may have bought myself a little something as a souvenir.


I also managed to cross another Broadway show off my list – Les Miserables. When I saw this at the cinema I cried a little, and when I saw it in the show I also cried a little. They had such amazing voices and the songs were so sad that it was hard to hold back on the bawling. The use of the set was amazing, such as the way they showed Javert falling to his death. As such a classic musical I can’t help by compare it to Phantom of the Opera, and I just love th e music from this so much more. The story is so much more relateable.


2 thoughts on “empty chairs at empty tables

  1. This is truly brilliant. I loved all the photos on facebook. You have made the most of your time in New York and had a real adventure. I imagine you have crossed a whole lot off your bucket list.

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