we had to come.

Visited the Museum of the City of New York in East Harlem today. A little know museum that is about the history and showcasing what NYC is today. So I think for tourists, New Yorkers and anything inbetween that this is one of the best museums I have been to in the city. They have just started a program to try to attract tour buses to their museum by doing a free breakfast with bagels donated by H&H bagel and having a history of hip hop talk. So it is worth going there for the free breakfast and then enjoying the exhibits. There was the Timescapes exhibit, a film showing the history of how NYC came to be the city that it is today. And then I really enjoyed the Activist New York exhibits which shows the history of NYC and different causes over time. City as Canvas, which showcases the history of graffiti in the city. One of my favourites was Palaces for the People, exhibiting some famous vaults by Guastavino – Grand Central, Carnagie Hall, Cathedral of St John the Divine etc. Including the Bridge Market under the Queensboro Bridge, I really will have to visit it now.


Stettheimer dollhouse


City as Canvas exhibition


Guastavino architecture


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