patriotism and delusion

Second day of the Copa do Mundo (World Cup) and we watched the games in our neighborhood of Vila Madalena. It’s kind of trendy with a lot of bars and with hidden clubs – during the day they look like houses and autoshops. I watched the Mexico vs. Cameroon game in the hostel. I was actually cheering for Cameroon but the Mexican goal was a pretty good goal. Then we went to a nearby bar to watch the Spain vs. Netherlands and Australia vs. Chile game. I was rooting for the Netherlands and Australia. So one out of two isn’t bad. Netherlands completely dominated as I expected. They are looking strong for the title, I think they played much better than the Brazil team.

Is it unpatriotic to think your team has no chance of winning? No. Is it unpatriotic to not cheer for your team? No. Is it unpatriotic to hope that your team does not win? Perhaps. Is it unpatriotic to hate your country and it’s way of life? Yes. I am cheering for my country despite the odds. I do not see this as delusional, I see a slim possibility as being enough of a reason to cheer. You have to be in it to win it. So as far as I see, they have a chance, no matter how slim and I will cheer for a good game. I am not embarrassed by their loss, I thought it was a good game. What I was embarassed by was sitting next to two people who: a) did not know the game, b) did not know the Australian team, c) were embarrassed to be Australian, d) decided to base the choice of who they would root for on who was the hottest. And then they were busted for all four of these things by the guys around us and then I got lumped into the same category. How is that fair? I won’t be writing for a sports magazine, joining or coaching a team anytime soon but I do not need the offside rule explained to me.


The gear I donated at the end of the night.


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