love and hate affair

When I see a great soccer play I think the sport is beautiful to watch. I think tennis is a beautiful game to watch because you get to witness athleticism, strategy, grace, strength and passion. But the other times that I watch soccer (or football) all I see is a bunch of babies rolling around on the floor and it frustrates me. Stand up and play like men!


Today we went to FIFA fan festival in Sao Paulo, at Anhangbau Valley, to watch the opening ceremony and the first game. It was actually a really small site which I found confusing with not much options when it came to food and the number of people who just peed on the ground was disgusting. We were also disappointed that we only saw snippets rather than the whole opening ceremony. And the first game was a reminder for me of my love and hate relationship with the game. I really can’t enjoy it as much as tennis. I would rather spend money on awesome seats at the US Open than the World Cup. And somehow I managed to end up being the one to explain the game to the girls I was with. Being beautiful/sexy is not an excuse for being stupid or to not think for yourself. How do you get the flags of Colombia and Italy mixed up? How do you not know that the first game is between Brazil and Croatia before you go and see the game? Or how can you be really confused by how penalties work? I don’t know that much about sports but I have a brain that has allowed me to at least figure out the offside rule. So while I might have loved and hated the game, I can at least say I understood the game beyond the score.


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