cutting it close

Last full day in Rio de Janiero, and this is the day we had chosen to do the city tour and see the sights – Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, Escadaria Selaron (Snoop Dogg film clip), Catedral Metropolitana de Sao Sebastio (the ceiling is very modern), Rochina favela (MJ film clip) and Tijuca Rainforest. Only problem is that today the weather took a horrible turn. It rained and was really foggy today with the fog obscuring most of the view. So when we got up to the rainforest the views of the city were hidden and the Christ was nowhere to be seen. One person who did go to the Christ described what they saw as “could not see the head and arms”. So now we do not have enough time to go and see The Christ. Luckily I have seen the view from the helicopter, so I should not complain. But our tour guide was really bad and overpaid. He drove us around and that was it, there was very little commentary. I knew more about Tijuca rainforest than he did and I’d only done a 4 hour tour of it. Still we did manage to see a lot, even if we did not manage to get a lot out of it.


View from Sugarloaf


Feijoades @ Bar do Mineira


Escardia Seleron


Brazilian BBQ @ Carretao


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