just roll with it

Sometimes the people around me are like forces of nature and I feel like I am just along for the ride. Which is another reason for being on my own. I spent way too much in shoes today, especially knowing that I will have to take everything back to New York, just to take everything back to Sydney. Why would I even need that many pairs of shoes?


Decided to get a change of scenery and headed to Ipanema Beach to watch the sunset this time. In the summer people will applaud the sunset. Like when a pilot lands a plane, I think it should just happen. I was also told that on the beach there are number markers and there is one marker where only the good looking people can go. I like to imagine there are police for that kind of thing. “I’m sorry but you’ll have to move down the beach because you are just not hot enough”.

Went to Garota de Ipanema, “girl from Ipanema”, for dinner and I would not recommend the lasagna. The lasagna was cold the first time and a bit more like soup. I am seriously missing New York food. The grilled meat smelled great though, and the garlic bread was good. Eventually left the restaurant and walked into a store of the same name and bought a bikini.


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