quiet times

Apparently it is quite possible to spend $80 on flip-flops. That is how much I ended up spending at the Havianas store. I found out in the store that my credit card has been cancelled, very embarsssing. I could only tell by the new number on my banking app. Luckily my savings account is still active and there is still plenty in there.

We spent the day at Rio Sul, a shopping mall. It’s strange being in a mall. I’m not sure why, maybe because it seemed so quiet and clean compared to the bustling of Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana or the night markets. That is where I managed to spend so much money on flip-flops!


Decided to wander out on the Copacabana beach to get some dinner. It’s the kind of food and vibe you would find at the Gold Coast. You know it’s going to be classy. And you know that there will at least be some half-naked guys running around showing off their six packs or kegs while you’re eating.

Ended up eating at Praia Skol 360, and I would not recommend the seafood platter. It was exceptionally salty and the seafood did not taste fresh. But for lunch I had a lasagna crepe at Chez Michou which is actually the best Italian I’ve had all trip. So I would recommend giving that restaurant a try if you’re looking for something to eat. Even if it is a chain restaurant.


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