lone wolf

It’s not hard to tell from the way that I write that I enjoy my solitary existence. As much as I enjoy the companionship of a select few, I also very much enjoy being on my own. Which is very much the appeal of traveling to me. I don’t have an attachment to a place or feel like I need to form or work on relationships because I’ll soon be gone.

When I travel with other people, I need alone time. Which is what I was looking forward to until the hostel El Misti in Rio de Janeiro turned out to be kind of strange – night shift guy was lying on the couch when my friend went in to check in, she had to put her own luggage into storage which is in the cupboard under the stairs in the bathroom and the commons area kind of smelled weird, and when she asked to see what one of the rooms looked like she was made to wait. So now we’re in the hotel room that I opted for rather than roughing it in a hostel. So while I’m glad she’s not in a dodgy hole, I am kind of upset that I do not have my own space. I need my own space. I can only hope the hostel in Sao Paulo is decent. But part of me is thinking I should shell out for a hotel.


Sunrise on the Copacabana beach


Awesome sandcastle on the beach

We watched the sun rise on Copacabana Beach while waiting for the shops to open. In the end we also found McDonald’s which was open and it served us a decent coffee. Otherwise we tried on shoes, wandered into shops which were open at around 9:00am and discovered that none of the cafes served “breakfast food”.


Some of the shoes we tried on

Tonight we did a Samba lesson and went to a club, Rio Scenarium, that had a band. Luckily no one asked me to dance because once again I had trouble following the lead. I need to be in control. It’s important to listen to the beat of the music but we learned fewer steps than with the tango.


Rio Scenarium

The club was really cool. Good music and it just had some really interesting decorations. I would have happily just walked around taking photos of the weird dolls, bicycle wall, the French horn wall, the random section with pony statues etc.

There was an American boy there, who is 22 and he’s travelling with his parents. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that at that age. When I went to Vietnam at around that time with my mum I had to go out and do my own thing, I definitely didn’t ask her for cab money either.


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