throw the dice and gamble

We got into Cusco late last night from our train and bus ride. We were on the same bus as a group of rowdy Australians from Canberra. It made me feel kind of old because they were all so young.

Then this morning after a nice sleep in we decided to gamble with some street food. I feel okay right now but I had a pineapple and mango juice for 6,00 and chicken noodle sopa for 5,00 at San Pedro market. Which is somewhere between 3-4 USD. I didn’t eat the chicken because boiled chicken skin freaks me out. I like the skin to be fried or grilled crispy. But the noodles and the soup were so refreshing. Like the meals that I am used to.

I am looking forward to all the meals I will have in about 10 days. I haven’t thought about where I’m going to sleep and store my stuff in NYC, but I have thought about what I want to eat. Priorities!

While in Cusco we stayed at Pariwana Hostel to 38,00 which is about 15 USD a night and we shared a dorm and bathroom with 4 other people. It was pretty clean, even if WiFi was useless. It was way nicer than the hotel we had in Aguas Calientes. It made me think I was too harsh about the whole hostel experience because my pillow didn’t smell like feet. Speaking of which, it was kind of embarsssing to take my feet out for a pedicure at the airport just to kill some time.


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