Today is going to be spent sleeping on benches in airports since there are three flights separating me from Buenos Aires to Uyuni. In hindsight it might have been preferable to make the trek from hotel to airport afterall. Because airport benches aren’t always the most comfortable. It’s often a lot nicer when they at least let you check in your luggage so you don’t have to be sleeping on a bad surface and have your arms draped over your belongings or sleep with one eye open.

To make it worse the airport in Santa Cruz was cold and we slept right in front of the door so we had to deal with the cold each time and there were so many flights early in the morning so our sleep was often interrupted by waking up to find people staring at us.

When we got to La Paz we decided to put our luggage in storage and brave the town. This city is hectic, it was way too much for me. All I wanted to do was go back into the airport and curl up on a bench. We ended up having a NY pizza slice at Eli’s Pizza and then I followed up with a fruit salad and empanadas at the airport. That was actually a really good meal, quite possibly the best empanada I have ever eaten. La Paz in many ways reminds me of New York – sitting in traffic, people jostle you when you walk and everything is chaotic.

Last flight. I don’t care if the pillow smells like feet. My nose is blocked and I just want to sleep on a bed.

Last flight was on a charter plane with little propellers and all the passengers sat in the cockpit. I slept through the entire ride. It was a really well heated plane in comparison to the hostel!



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