let loose

Back in Buenos Aires before leaving Argentina for Bolivia. Not much happens in this city on a Sunday, I guess everyone has to have their day off. So I decided to rest up for the night, not that rest does anything for a congested nasal passage.

At night we took a tango lesson from Gerry and Lucia. Gerry was a sound engineer working on the film industry who went to Buenos Aires for 2 weeks to tango. All he did was take lessons and go to milongas. When he got back he lost his job so he decided to move to Buenos Aires. And now he teaches. We took lessons with them because they offerees lessons in English which was going to be a requirement for us. It was a lot of fun, although I don’t think I’m ready to give up my job for tango.

After we had our lesson they suggested we go to the milonga, a dance hall, to test out our skill. We went to listen to the tango band. The tango band was amazing, and there was a guy who asked me to dance. But I didn’t know how to say “i don’t like being pushed around” in Spanish.

First tango lesson, thinking of going professional #tango #dance #buenosaires #travel

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