the cold never bothered me anyway

Today I did a mini-trek on Perito Moreno Glacier. A boat took us out to the glacier, and at this point I was freezing. But eventually we got onto land and it was fine.

On land I found out I was finally on a tour with some English speaking people. There was Jack and Thomas who quit their jobs so they could travel to South America for the World Cup. They are from Manchester, so you can guess the kind of fanatic they are. And then there was Natasha and her partner. I never caught his name. They were so cute; it’s Mother’s Day in France tomorrow so they were holding up signs to wish their mother’s a good day. They are traveling for 5 months! And they were headed to Sydney in a few weeks. It was nice to speak to other people. It’s one of the things I kiss about traveling on my own.

On land we got fitted for some clampers that would allow us to walk on the ice and then they gave us instructions on how to walk up and down etc. A lot of squatting to brace yourself and a lot of feet stomping to dig the claws into the ice. I imagine my glutes will feel the pain tomorrow.

Trekking on the ice was amazing, some adrenaline over making sure not to stand on any sinkholes, but otherwise it was just breathtaking to think about how magnificent the size of the glacier was because we just walked on this tiny little portion and when you’re on the glacier you can fully appreciate all the shapes of the glacier, it’s caverns, sinkholes, slides etc. I would love to do it again with the next glacier I come across.

After the trek we made our way over to these balconies where you can see a panoramic view of the glacier. From there you could really appreciate how far th glacier went on for and see where it connects to the mountain. Then I waited with the French couple to capture the moment the ice broke away from the glacier. It would make a noise like thunder or a canon.

I loved my trek over the glacier.


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