different point of view

Today we went back to Brazil to see Iguazu Falls from the other side. Argentina owns 80% of the falls and Brazil owns 20%, so you get an awesome panoramic view from Brazil.

What I’ve learned from traveling is that I don’t trust other people to take photos of me, so rarely do I like them in comparison to the photos that I will take for them that I will politely and evasively say “that’s alright”. Better to not have a photo, than a photo you are disapppointed with when I can stick with my unspoiled landscapes. It has also led me to avoid being in a position where I take photos for other people, because I am petty like that.

I am afraid of flying birds but decided to make a quick trip to the attraction next to our hotel, Güira Oga, an animal sanctuary where they rehabilitate animals (usually birds). They had a deer that had been caught in a trap so one of her legs was snapped in half, a macaw that couldn’t fly and various animals that had been kept as pets or smuggled. Sad stories, but it was good to see that they were living in pretty good conditions.

Our late night flight back to Buenos Aires was delayed which led to getting the last seats on an earlier flight in the worst seats possible – right next to the toilet and the family with the spoiled brat. Noise-cancelling headphones I have decided are a must. Because I was traveling light I decided I would need a pair of Sennheiser in-ear noise-cancelling headphones. They have become a great investment in situations like this.


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